Libraesva Alongside Looptech Exhibitors at Black Hat MEA 2023


Libraesva with Looptech showcased their latest cybersecurity solutions.

Libraesva secures email communications for organisations, helping them eliminate email borne threats, preserve email data and provide an environment for their people to communicate safely.

Delivering dedicated email solutions, with the aim to educate and protect organizations and their staff against increasingly deceptive and difficult to identify attacks.

Email Security Gateway

Secure email gateway blocks known and zero-day threats, phishing, business email compromise, spam and more, on premise or cloud.

Email Archiver

Archiver preserves encrypted emails in a secure yet easy to access archive for compliance, e-discovery and legal hold.

Phish Simulator

Phishing simulator analyses vulnerabilities and identifies high risk employees and tracks their progress over time.

DMARC Protection

Take control of your email reputation and secure the delivery of your messages with LetsDMARC.