Secure Mobile Container

Mobile Data Management (MDM)

Secure Mobile Communication for Enterprises and Public Authorities

The importance of smartphones and tablets in day to day work is increasing – in the private sector as well as in the public sector. The secure communication app SecurePIM for iOS and Android unites all important business features in a single app.

Benefits of SecurePIM

All safe & sound in a single app

Email, messenger, phone calls and more on smartphones and tablets

Saves hardware costs

Enables employees to use their own mobile devices for work purposes (BYOD)

Very user-friendly

Companies can get started quickly, with minimum input required for training employees and admins, and with minimum administrative effort

Out-of-the-box GDPR compliant

Protects the personal data of citizens, customers or employees, and eliminates the risk of high fines resulting from GDPR violations

Comprehensive protection for classified data

Work remotely with data up to VS-NfD and NATO RESTRICTED and meet the requirements for various certifications, e.g. for compliance with TISAX®, the Protection of Classified Information Act and more

Less hassle, lower costs, more flexibility

Cross-platform solution available for iOS and Android

Three Components for Maximum Security

The SecurePIM Management Portal and SecurePIM Gateway handle configuration and access rights fast and easy, while the SecurePIM app provides users with all important functionalities for secure mobile working. Alternatively, SecurePIM is also compatible with most Mobile Device Management Systems.

SecurePIM Management Portal

Manage users and security configurations

SecurePIM Gateway

The secure connection into your infrastructure – without VPN

SecurePIM App

All functionalities safe and sound in one single app

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