Deception Platform

A Deceivingly Simple Solution to Complex Threats

Deception Platform changes an attack surface providing adversaries with an illusion of real infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Each part of the imitated environment reproduces the services and content of a real network segment.

Utilizing high-interaction decoys and lures, deception deceives attackers into revealing themselves, thereby alerting on and identifying detection gaps on threats that have evaded other security controls.

Deception Platform - This is how it works

Points mimic special software services, content, routers, devices etc. Each Point detects all targeted suspicious activities.

While the attacker proceeds through the fake aim infrastructure, Deception platform captures all the hostile’s details.

The company receives information about threat sources, the tools that were used, and about exploited vulnerabilities and the attacker’s behavior.

In the meantime, the whole real infrastructure continues to work without any impact.

LABYRINTH Deception Technology

Targeted Attacks Uncovering

Post-Infection Detection

Lateral Movement Recognition

Dwell Time Reduction

Early In-Network Threat Detection

Accurate Alerts

Rapid Incident Response

Proactive Defense

Key Benefits

Deception Platform provides the most efficient tool to detect and stop hackers’ movements inside the corporate network.

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