Two Factor Authentication

Strong Authentication – Simply Secure.

Every customer must be certain that no one else can use their purchased products or subscribed services without their knowledge or consent. With strong authentication from Airlock 2FA exactly this assurance is granted.

Comprehensive protection prevents password theft, phishing and social engineering attacks without sacrificing the convenience of a well-designed user experience. Thanks to risk-based authentication, customers are only authenticated when the chosen function requires it. Customers authenticate in order to use their rights and to express their will.

Usernames and passwords alone do not adequately protect against attackers. Strong authentication with a second factor – also known as multi-factor authentication or strong customer authentication (2FA/MFA/SCA) – provides the level of security required today.

The existing knowledge factor, i.e. the personal credentials of the user, is augmented with the possession or property (biometrics) factor. However, the login process here needs to remain easy, user-friendly, and cost-efficient, even with the stronger checks.

Authentication Options With 2FA


One Touch

Push notifications allow users to securely log in with one click in 2FA or release transactions such as payments.


Offline QR Code

QR Code, secure login or transaction confirmation works smoothly even when the smartphone is not connected to the internet.



2FA generates a security code (onetime password or OTP) every 30 seconds, which you can use for offline authentication.



A unique option enables secure login without any user interaction at all. Zero-touch uses information about your surroundings to authenticate you, making it easier to log in than before.


Passwordless Login

With 2FA, you can implement a passwordless login to make security even easier to use. Insecure passwords are eliminated and replaced by a simple one touch.

Overview of 2FA

Ideal replacement for other authentication solutions

Many companies have long recognized the importance of 2FA and have introduced mTAN (SMS code) or other procedures. Today, these procedures are outdated in terms of security, usability, and costs and need to be replaced.

The best choice for your business

Our 2FA is an authentication solution that leaves nothing to be desired for providers and users. For users, 2FA offers convenience around the clock with various authentication options, useful self-services and self-registration. It offers easy-to-personalize mobile apps, pre-built processes for onboarding/enrollment, simple administration, statistics/reports and requires little support effort.

Deployable for all kinds of applications

Normally, introducing a second factor entails a complex project, since the applications have to be adjusted accordingly. Not so with Airlock 2FA.

Users benefit from single sign-on and self-services with all web applications. Airlock 2FA also enables risk-based authentication and many other authentication workflows.

The entire functionality is available both as a REST API as well as a modern and responsive web application, allowing seamless integration into modern web applications or mobile apps.


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