Data Classifications

File and Email Classification System​

LoopMark makes it possible to supplement automatic file and e-mail classification mechanisms with invaluable knowledge of the user regarding the level of confidentiality of the content created by them.

Enhancing Data Security

This solution integrates with Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Windows operating system, enforcing the classification of each created document before saving it on the computer’s disk. Similarly, LoopMark prevents sending an e-mail which has not been classified. In addition, many different file formats outside Microsoft Office can be classified.

Dialog box for detailed classification of e-mails that appears when you click Send in Microsoft Outlook.

Why LoopMark?

Main Features

Raising Security Awareness

Using LoopMark solution raises employee awareness of security issues and the importance of information processed by them.

Shifting responsibility for data protection on document authors.

The author of the document is the best source of information about the classification of the outcome of their work. The classification assigned by the user will serve as the first line of protection, supplementing automatic methods of classification provided by DLP solutions.

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