Privileged Access Management

Prevent Insider Data Leaks

At its core, Privileged Access Management (PAM) is an identity security solution that serves as a formidable defense against cyber threats. It accomplishes this by monitoring, detecting, and preventing unauthorized privileged access.

Modern Privileged Access Management plays the role of an advanced cybersecurity solution that helps organizations effectively manage, monitor, and control privileged accounts and access to critical assets to reduce the risk of insider attacks and other security breaches. It is designed to enhance overall security posture in today’s rapidly evolving threat environment

Protect Your Privileged Accounts Using the Innovative PAM Solutions

Rapid Deployment

Start using Fudo today thanks to its agentless, all-in-one, proxy architecture.

Zero-Trust Access

No standing privileges and Just-in-time access.

AI-Powered Breach Prevention

Detect and block suspicious behavior instantly.

Unmatched Session Monitoring & Recording

Fudo products support for 10+ protocols including RDP, SSH, or HTTPs. It allows you to watch and analyze in real-time.

Best Practice Solutions

Mitigate Insider Attacks

Our PAM secures privileged accounts by implementing access controls based on the Zero-Trust approach, limiting the number of users with privileged access and restricting their access to only what is necessary.

Implement Professional Audit System

With tools that allow security officers to search for relevant keywords related to an incident during suspicious sessions. When a data breach occurs, the company gains the possibility to scan for any traces or evidence of a crime.

Easily Manage Passwords

Password management tools ensure that privileged passwords are unique, complex, and changed regularly to prevent unauthorized access

Key Benefits

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