Network Traffic Security

Network traffic monitoring and security

To Gain Full control of your network security

Our network monitoring tool using real-time flow analysis, enriched with business context to help businesses assess performance and protect IT infrastructure.

It records, processes, and analyses all parameters contained in flows, enhanced by SNMP, geolocation and security feeds. With Sycope you can diagnose network issues, including network connection settings and bottlenecks.

The security feature of Sycope is designed based on the MITRE ATT&CK methodology. Rules and security incident detection mechanisms make it possible to detect attacks and undesirable activities on the network.


Network Visibility


Network Performance (NPM)


Network Threat Hunting

What Differentiates Sycope?

Designed for easy and fast implementation

System is provided in the form of a single virtual machine (VM) with an intuitive installation wizard.

Ability to detect unknown fields in the NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow stream.

This allows the system to remain effective and accurate, even as the data streams it processes evolve and change over time.

Sycope’s dynamic baselines and trends

Allowing you to analyze your data over time and identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent.

Performance of up to 250k flow/s

The scalable architecture of the Sycope monitoring system enables it to handle large amounts of
data without sacrificing performance or accuracy.

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