Secure Web Gateway

Secure Flow Gateway: Protecting Business Continuity in the Online World

A multi-module solution designed to provide control over Internet access. Leveraging advanced machine learning
algorithms. This system expertly evaluates traffic for potential threats and manages access to inappropriate or unrelated

SWG ensures that web utilization remains secure and aligned with organizational standards. Its adaptability allows
businesses to fine-tune the system according to their requirements, making it a pivotal asset in today’s digital

Advanced Analytics Platform

A specialized software suite providing extensive reporting capabilities, deployable on both hardware and virtual platforms.

Data Collector Module

The Data Collector is an integral part of the SWG system, designed to receive, process, and store logs from the components within the SWG via the syslog protocol.


Analytical-reporting Module

This module facilitates the visualization of data on dashboards, allowing for the creation and modification of analytical dashboards. It provides a myriad of visualization options.


Diagnostic Module

This module presents the SWG system logs, gathered by the Data Collector in the last 24 hours, in near-real-time. It covers access logs in RAW and debug formats, encompassing data from all SWG system elements.


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