Video conference

Video conference with Legal Validity

We certify and provide legal security to the entire workflow, not just parts of it. We are not a videoconference provider, we are provider of legal security for complete remote procedures providing a new channel of presence.

Attendee Customer Journey

Schedule Appointment

Client and advisor schedule a meering. Possibility to integrate with the entities scheduling tool

Share Documentation

Before the appointment the client and advisor can exchange documentation linked to the procedure.

Bidireccional Communication

Before the appointment they can exchange information by certified email.

Identity Verification

Customer identity is securely verified. Possibility of integration with identification standards.

Remote Participation

Advisor and client have a video meeting where the necessary decisions are submitted to consent.

Sign Documents and Minutes

Minutes and documents digitally signed, guarded for 5 years. Exportable ( through integration to the entities tools)


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For The Client

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