Airlock Co. and Looptech Co. Present at Black Hat MEA 2023


Airlock secure access hub with Looptech showcased their latest cybersecurity solutions  about Modern Web Applications Security with WAAP, IAM, 2FA, Microgateway.

airlock at looptech booth

All about modern application and API security, with identity and access management and integrated 2FA authentication, also in Kubernetes environments.

A web application firewall (WAF) protects web applications from attacks over the Hyper Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The typical attack vectors for web applications are described in the OWASP Top 10 and include injection attacks (SQL, Command, LDAP, Script or XPath Injections), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Hidden Filed Tampering, Parameter Tampering, Cookie Poisoning, Forceful Browsing or Buffer Overflows. A WAF provides upstream protection against these attacks. you can know more about our cloud baseWAF

 With strong authentication from Airlock 2FA exactly this assurance is granted.Comprehensive protection prevents password theft, phishing and social engineering attacks without sacrificing the convenience of a well-designed user experience. Thanks to risk-based authentication, customers are only authenticated when the chosen function requires it. 

The most important feature enhancements are the implementation of the SAML Service Provider, the support of Risk-based Authentication and the Kerberos protocol in the flows. In addition, many other smaller features complete the scope of the new Login app.

Airlock Microgateway protects APIs and micro services from attacks and unauthorized access while they are running. Being specifically designed for use in Kubernetes environments, it is placed close to the protected services.