Essendi It Group and Looptech Co. Distributor Agreement


Essendi it Group a leading company in the field of digital certificate management we proud to announce our new partnership providing our customers with unmatched cybersecurity solutions.

Essendi xc covers the complete certificate life cycle as a fully comprehensive management system and PKI tool. Thanks to automated processes and certificate logistics, xc increases operational security.

IT consulting as well as individual software development and software tests round off our services. Essendi it help to optimize existing structures and can meet requirements that cannot be fulfilled with standard software.

Sarah Zügel CEO of Essendi it Group ,commented on the collaboration, saying:
Thank you for your trust Looptech We’re looking forward to working together helping customer’s to secure their communication with certificates and adding a new trust layer.

The vision of Looptech Co. is to safeguard the global environment from continuously increasing cyber security threats, which have increased the costs of your Information security budget to achieve your organizational objectives and business goals.