Network Access Control Live Webinar


The NAC (Network Access Control) system allows users and their devices to be managed and accessed by the corporate network.

With Anna Kolenda-Parakiel, we focused on an important aspect of corporate network security: Managing network access according to the Zero-Trust principle.

This means that every attempt by users or devices to connect to the network is verified according to pre-configured network access policies are granted only to known individuals and devices.

The solution that enables this functionality is NACVIEW:
Network Access Control (NAC) class solution based on the 802.1X protocol.

Watch our webinar to learn why managing network access is crucial for enterprises and what functionalities the NACVIEW system offers.

NACVIEW – who are we?
NAC systems – what are these solutions?
NACVIEW functionalities:
– Authorization.
– Dedicated agent.
– OTP for VPN.
– Integration with other security systems.
– Guest access and BYOD.

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